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The Happiness Circle

Following the ethos of Ginger and Fraggle, I decided to start up The Happiness Circle, initially just in my hometown of Colchester, Essex (UK).

The Happiness Circle is an opportunity for people to come together every few weeks locally and explore the meaning of happiness as well as challenging ourselves to make our lives more grateful and mindful. It's a non-profit initiative with no fee to attend.

It is not a substitute for mental health services, and I stress, if you are experiencing problems with your mental health then please speak to your GP or other medical professional straight away. I have been through the system; never be ashamed to tell someone.

Many pieces of research talk of habits that 'happy' people tend to adopt, like gratitude, acts of kindness, physical wellbeing, mindfulness and close relationships. The Happiness Circle's aim is to bring people together informally, to laugh, show appreciation for each other and come up with new ways we can spread kindness to those around us.

I'm hosting this page on the Ginger and Fraggle website but I will build a separate site in the future as the circle grows.

While I'm working on a venue and the finer details, feel free to get in touch to express any interest on info@gingerandfraggle.co.uk

The Happiness Circle can be found on Instagram and Facebook.