Prefer a personalised print?

There's often an occasion when you're looking for something specific from a print rather than an 'off the shelf' design. Rather than just putting your wording into a specific template like many other companies, I like to try and go the extra mile for people, taking into account the type of style, colour and font you might want.

These requests also often give me the opportunity to foil some designs if you would prefer something with a little more twinkle!

Not everything is always possible but if it can be done and it's in line with the ethos of Ginger and Fraggle I'm happy to put something together just for you.

Prices vary depending on the size (going up to A3, though foiled prints can only go up to A4 at present), the finish and the complexity of the request. Typically any print would start at around £30.

Do contact me on either or via my social media pages to discuss what you might want.

Love and gratitude, Holly x